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ASSIGNMENT: Tenant Representation

Gene Kansas | Commercial Real Estate is incredibly proud and happy to help creative entrepreneurs live their dream.

As a tenant representation assignment, we lent our real estate expertise to DAS BBQ and their quest for a hot, spicy, sweet new in-town spot.

We’re joined by Pit Master & Founder Stephen Franklin to talk about his pride and passion.

Q: Why do you love BBQ?

​I believe it’s the ultimate people connector.​ BBQ seems to break down boundaries like nothing else I’ve seen.

Q: What is the flavor of DAS?

Smoky and Savory challenge Sweet and Spicy to a pickup game of flavor-ball.

Q: How does your family tradition tie to your personal passion?

Smoking champion-quality meats requires long periods of time around a fire. As a kid, at every Thanksgiving at the family farm in Stillmore, GA, I’d wake up around 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning to help my Dad and Uncle put on a fire for the whole hog we’d be smoking for dinner the next day. And throughout the morning and day, my grandmom, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends would all take turns turning the spit and mopping the hog until it was finished. I think barbecue represents a deep sense of comfort and belonging to me as I look back as an adult. It’s something I want my daughters to get the chance to experience in their own way.

Q: What makes you most proud about this project?

The people. Everyone who has touched this project has influenced our thinking and helped shape our vision. DAS BBQ is a collaboration of so many amazing people – their hearts, their souls, their talents. Words can’t really justify how proud I am to be part of such an astonishing team who’s getting the chance to serve such an amazing community. The people make me most proud.


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