Added Value

$4.5 Million in Capitalized Value

ByGene Kansas


Shops Around Lenox

3400 Around Lenox Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30326

ASSIGNMENT: Tenant Representation

In March of 2014 Shops Around Lenox sold for $72,000,000. That’s a lot. Gene Kansas | Commercial Real Estate contributed $4,500,000 in capitalized value to that total by bringing some of our most fabulous clients and Atlanta favorites to the development.

But, it’s not just lease rates and net income that helped the developers reap such reward. We’re happy to say Bhojanic, Bill Hallman, and Roots Pressed Juices are all doing exceptionally well there. The buzz, the style, the taste, and the genuine appeal of the tenants we represented played a big part.

We don’t just bring owners another business to fill a box. Instead, we are place makers, match makers, and community builders helping businesses exceed in their success.

This benefits entrepreneurs,
property owners, and the communities in which they operate. We’re happy about that.

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